Buffalo Architecture, 1816-1940 - Delaware Park Points of Interest

The city of Buffalo, New York, possesses a remarkable number and variety of architectural masterpieces from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Recognizing the rich architectural and planning heritage, the Albright Art Gallery (now known as the Albright-Knox Art Gallery) held an exhibition of photography in January 1940, which commemorated these vast triumphs. Organized by Henry-Russell Hitchcock, the dean of American architectural historians, with the assistance of then Director of the Gallery, Gordon Bailey Washburn, over 120 photographs were displayed.

In this walking tour, we will explore a selection of the architectural photographs that were featured in the exhibition that represent buildings in downtown Buffalo. Each photograph will be accompanied with a caption that will include past and present information on each building, and a quote of Henry-Russell Hitchcock discussing his personal views on the particular building.

Please Note:
This tour includes ten pins which span over six miles circling around Delaware Park. Depending on your mode of transportation this tour could take anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours. If you would like to use a google map to navigate from pin to pin, please use the links below.

For Walking: http://goo.gl/maps/AlQfs

For Bicycling: http://goo.gl/maps/XFVB0

For Driving: http://goo.gl/maps/zaH1t

All information has been taken from the following publication -- "Buffalo Architecture, 1816–1940 Exhibition - Henry-Russell Hitchcock, Jr.," Albright-Knox Art Gallery. All images are courtesy of the G. Robert Strauss, Jr. Memorial Library, Gallery Archives, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York. Photographs by Jay W. Baxtresser (AAG Staff).

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