Me and My Chevy

Since the first Chevrolet car appeared on our streets in 1911, Chevys have been a massive part of our culture. We remember them being cleaned on driveways, taking us on holiday, starring in our life-changing roadtrips, appearing in cult films like Harold and Maude and 2 Fast 2 Furious, and being the extra member in family life. We’d love you to add your photos, videos and memories of Chevys through the ages to this collection.
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Chevrolet highlights 24 vehicles that helped define the brand in the U.S. market

Throughout its 100-year history, Chevrolet has created hundreds of different cars and trucks. Many have their passionate fans and collectors. Some stand out as iconic — personifying the spirit, style and dependability that have defined Chevrolet.

So with apologies in advance to fans whose favorites missed the cut, here is a selection of iconic cars and trucks from our first century in the United States. The GM Heritage Center Collection includes representative examples of most of these vehicles.

1914 Chevrolet Royal Mail Roadster

In late 1913, just two years after its founding, Chevrolet introduced the 1914 “Royal Mail” roadster. It was the first Chevy to wrap almost every Chevrolet-specific attribute into one car. Contemporary and jaunty, the Royal Mail had great visual appeal. Its reliable 171-cid 4-cylinder engine had overhead valves, a premium design that contributed to its relatively high power rating. The car’s moderate $750 list price included a top, windshield and speedometer — items that had been accessories on more expensive cars just a few years before. In retrospect, it seems fitting that the Royal Mail was one of the first models to carry the Chevrolet bowtie badge.

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