Living With The Railroads

Forged from sweat, steam, and steel, the transcontinental railroads of the 19th century transfixed the American imagination. And they still shape our lives today, beyond the miles of track the railroads left behind. What exactly did it mean to live with the railroads? What does it mean today? Share your expertise and help us tease out the long-term influences of railroads throughout the American West. Collaborate and connect with other railfans over photos, employee records, or maps. Chances are, someone is also interested and knowledgeable. Build off community knowledge and share your own. The map is waiting -- will you stake your claim?


Help solve research questions about photos from both private and public archives that are aiding in our understanding of the history of railroads in America.

About the project

Learn more about the Living with Railroads project and the research behind it.


materials, memories and contributions
to mysteries

Photos and maps provided by David Rumsey Map Collection, Collection of Chuck Catania, and Lawrence & Houseworth Collection

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