Evergreen & Moffett's Cemeteries Map

Evergreen & Moffett's Cemeteries Map

9 March 1926

Evergreen & Moffett's Cemeteries Map, St. Petersburg, Florida. This a section of a map created by the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, Department of Public Works, depicting a proposed connection of 16th Street South. Evergreen Cemetery was formerly located in St. Petersburg, FL, on what is now Florida Highway 175. This cemetery was adjacent to Moffett’s Cemetery, and just south of neighboring Oaklawn cemetery. A 1926 St. Petersburg City Directory lists Evergreen at the southeast corner of 17th Street South and 5th Ave South. As to its date of origin, collaborating evidence about neighboring Moffett and Oaklawn would suggest a late 1800’s creation; most likely prior to Greenwood Cemetery’s first burial of 1892.

Moffett's Cemetery was located on the east side of Evergreen. According to various news articles, Moffett’s was most likely founded on/before 1870, as to its demise, this is less clear. W.T. Alford from Sumner Marble and Granite Works, (who maintained Lincoln), stated that “ ‘Moffett Cemetery was razed and moved to Lincoln Cemetery in 1926 and 1927’ ” (Fenner 1987). Also, the boundaries between Moffett’s and Evergreen were not apparent, as both were so overgrown it was difficult to tell where one cemetery began and the other ended. (Fenner 1987) News articles from the 1950’s also make mention of Moffett’s. Notably one dated June 7, 1953 concerns the further moving of graves to Lincoln that year also.

Cite as: Courtesy St. Petersburg Museum of History Archives, ID #2004.900.010, "5th Ave. Paving, Proposed 16th Street Connection", City of St. Petersburg, Florida, Dept. of Public Works Map, Mar. 9, 1926.

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