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Historypin is a great tool to use in schools and is being used all over the world in classrooms and to run events and projects with parents, families and local communities.

Why use Historypin in schools?

  • Improve communication, social and inter-personal skills
  • Get families and carers more involved in the life of students and the school
  • Build positive links between your school and the local community
  • Engage students in curriculum subjects such as History, Computing, Geography, Citizenship and English with an exciting digital tool
  • Run natural and meaningful inter-generational sessions and events
  • Turn your students into local archivists

How can I use it?

There are three main ways to use Historypin, by Exploring it or by Adding to it or Curating stuff on it.

Have a look at our How to Guides for more help

How are other schools using it?

In lots of varied and interesting ways! Some are running one-off sessions, some are running projects that involve the whole of the local community.

Have a look at our Case Studies for some ideas

What are the best things to look at in the classroom?

We’ve picked out some of the most interesting photos, Tours and Collections that will be relevant and interesting in the classroom

Have a look at our Topics to Explore for some ideas

What activity ideas and resources do you have?

We’ve gathered together some tried and tested resources that will make running sessions and events easier.

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