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Nelson Rural School, New Brunswick, Canada

Students become local historians and archivists, going out into the community to find owners of old photographs and conduct interviews, recording it all on Historypin.

Craig Dupleisse , Technology Mentor, Nelson Rural School, explains what they are doing:

“The students in Grade 7K are participating in a Social Studies project in which they will become local historians and archivists. Students are going out into the community to find owners of old photographs. Students will create a digital copy of the photographs and they will also conduct an interview with the owners of the photographs. The goal of this interview will be to gather the story behind the photo.
 Students will then be adding the photos and stories to the Historypin website.”

Grade 7K students participated in a series of video conference call with the Historypin Community team where the students told us about the stories they had been gathering and the interviews they had been doing with members of the community. We could also answer their technical questions about using the site.

The students participated in a fishbowl interview activity in the classroom. This involved a retired teacher, Pat Lange, being invited into the classroom. A current teacher conducted an interview with Mr. Lange, focusing much of the interview around a photo of the old Chatham Head White School. The purpose of the activity was to model effective interview techniques for the students. Following the interview, Mr. Bosma worked with the students to write a summary of the important/interesting information shared by Mr. Lange in relation to the photo:

For more information, have a look at the Nelson Rural School’s blog about their Historypin project.

They also created a series of resources for their students. You can download all these resources here.

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