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Historypin is collaborating with over 200 libraries, archives and museums around the world to help them share their content with a global community of users. Through Historypin, partners can make their content available for people to explore and interact with in new ways: making comparisons through time, adding memories and stories, piecing it together into Collections and Tours and improving what we know about where and when it belongs.

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10 reasons to get Involved

New audiences - Historypin gets millions of page views and thousands of app downloads so will generate a stream of new interest in your content.

Breathing new life into your collection - Your content will become part of a rich, multi-layered archive, where users can add their own stories and memories.

Free Historypin App (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7) - All content uploaded to Historypin appears on the app, allowing users to explore your content in situ and generating more interest and participation around your collections.

Educational - Your content will enable students and teachers to explore your content and use it across all levels of academic study.

Community impact - Historypin Local Projects take Historypin into communities, bringing different cultures and generations together around your content to learn and share.

Free tools for your archive - our free Bulk Uploader allows you to easily upload large amounts of content and our Embed Tool allows you to embed your Historypin Profile on your own site.

Promotional opportunities - We will work with you to generate excitement around your content, through extra promotion on the site and our social media profiles.

Crowd-sourcing meta-data - We are developing the capability to invite our users to improve the meta data of content meaning archive’s content can become increasing complete and accurate.

Geo-tagging Games - We are developing features which will enable archives to open up their collections to the crowd to locate and pin their content.

Not-for-profit and copyright safe - Historypin is a not-for-profit project with social aims and we do not take any ownership of copyright when you share your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more commonly asked questions in our FAQ section.

What does Historypin’s partnership with Google consist of?

Google is Shift’s main technology partner on the project and we have been working together from the early stages of development to get the most out of Google tools, including Google Maps, Picasa, Google App Engine and Android.

Google has also supported the development costs of the project with donations and sponsorship, as well as marketing support and collaboration. Google shares Shift’s commitment to Historypin as a non-commercial, collaborative project that delivers social impact and contributes to digital inclusion.

Does Historypin take ownership of copyright?

Historypin does not take any ownership of copyright. All all users, including archives, take full responsibility for having the necessary copyright coverage for everything they upload.

For each photo uploaded, users can choose whether an image is copyrighted or not.

You may remove your content from the site at any time.

How are my images protected?

Your images are stored safely on our secure server, and only low res images are visible through the site.

How are my images credited?

1. All your images have you username alongside which links back to your profile page

2. All images can have an original link to your website or online content database

How can users use my content?

1. Users can add a story to your content

2. Users can add your content to a Tour or Collection

How is Historypin moderated?

The Historypin team moderates content after it has been uploaded for offensive or inappropriate content or stories.

Every image has a report button so the Historypin community can tell the team about any offensive or inappropriate material.

How can I do a bulk upload?

Visit this page to find out more about how to do a bulk upload: