Curating the City: People and Places in Lancaster, PA

Curating the City: People and Places in Lancaster, PA

"Curating the City" was created by a team of student curators of the Phillips Museum of Art at Franklin & Marshall College. “Curating the City” is an exhibition about people and places, but it doesn’t present Lancaster as a history of great buildings and important events. Instead, we map the city as a complex, sometimes hidden collection of stories that reveal the economic, cultural, and social relations shaping its urban form.

Unearthing and preserving the stories of the city may not seem to be the job of a curator. But "to curate" means "to care for". Curating a city is to care for it as a place formed from people's lives. We believe that uncovering the social meanings of Lancaster's urban landscape is the first step towards seeing one of America’s oldest and most distinguished cities with new eyes, creating a public history in which we all are invested.

"Curating the City" was undertaken in real and virtual spaces, and in collaboration with many people who live, or have lived, in Lancaster. Thank you all for so generously sharing your time, knowledge, enthusiasm for our project, and love for Lancaster.

Curatorial Team
Prof. Linda Aleci, Department of Art & Art History, Franklin & Marshall College
Brittany Baksa, Digital Media Assistant, Phillips Museum
Hanna Bertoldi '13
Greg Duckloe '13
Jayati Khanna '13
Maureen Lane, Collections & Digital Media Manager, Phillips Museum
Anne Piccolo '15
Sydney Pierce '13
Marissa Sobel '13
Alison Tufano '14

Project Manager 2012-2013: Cassandra Conners '13
Project Manager 2013-2014: Alison Tufano '14

Community Partners
The Shreiner-Concord Cemetery Foundation
Members of The Lancastrians Facebook Group
Members of The Chestnut Hill Neighbors Facebook Group
Members of the Lancaster Downtown Business Owners Facebook Group
Eugene Aleci, Community Heritage Partners
Randolph Harris
Marlon Hart
E. Michael Laverty
Mimi Shapiro

With special thanks to
Benjamin Leech, Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia
Kristin Rehder

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