The Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society

For nearly 200 years, The Benevolent Society has been an anchor for Australians in times of hardship and distress. As Australia's first charity, we have been responsible for some remarkable moments in our nation's history: supporting the abolition of child labour, successfully campaigning for the Old Age Pension and establishing the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. Our archives reveal thousands of stories of people, community groups and organisations across Australia with a connection to The Benevolent Society. Our stories are how we connect to each other, to places, to the past and present and to the very essence of Australia.

In 2013 we will celebrate 200 years of building communities, and storytelling is at the core of our celebration. To operate successfully for 200 years is a landmark for any organisation but for a charity it is even more significant, as we depend on the goodwill of others for our ongoing existence. We invite you to celebrate our history and be part of an inspiring vision for Australia's future.

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