London Metropolitan Archives

London Metropolitan Archives

From the mediaeval parchments of the Magna Carta, via the Agas map of Tudor London, through to the Victorian engravings of the Great Exhibition, London Metropolitan Archives unites centuries of London life and offers a unique insight into its people, topography and historical events. Located in Clerkenwell, and supported by the City of London, this vast repository holds over 105 km of shelving filled with documents, prints and maps. Created over years of metropolitan activity, these collections are both an invaluable and proven source of information to anyone interested in London, and the Home Counties.

We’re posting images onto HistoryPin to support access to these collections and hope to shine new light on the life and times of an old, but much loved city.

London Metropolitan Archives is provided by the City of London Corporation as part of its contribution to heritage and cultural life of London and the nation.

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