Bulk Uploader for Chrome and Firefox

I'm ready to do a Bulk Upload

What is the Bulk Uploader?

The Historypin Bulk Uploader is an unlimited, free tool that allows you to upload large numbers of images and their corresponding meta-data (eg. title, date, tags) in one go, rather than one by one.

If you have latitude and longitude co-ordinates, your images can also be automatically pinned to the map. However, overlaying on Street View has to be done by hand for each image.

We recommend the Bulk Uploader of you wish to upload 200 images or more at once.

If you have more questions, please see our FAQs.

How does it work?

  • Collect the digitised images you wish to upload and their meta-data (the data relating to the image such as title, date, title)
  • Download our CSV template (a spreadsheet template for your meta-data)
  • Add your meta-data to our CSV template and format it
  • Upload the completed CSV template and your images using the Bulk Uploader
  • Your content will be on your Profile. If applicable, you can edit each image to add more info and/or overlay it on Street View

What requirements are there?

Content Requirements

  • Images must be JPGs or PNGs and each under 10MBs
  • Minimum resolution 600px

Meta-data requirements

You must have a title for your image. All other pieces of data are optional.

However, to be automatically pinned to the map, images must have at least a date (this can be approximate) and latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

If you do not provide latitude and longitude co-ordinates for your images, they will be uploaded to your profile with all the corresponding meta-data. They will appear as unpinned content on your profile, but they will not be visible on the map. You can add them to the map by editing each individual image and pinning it to the map by searching for its location.

We strongly recommend that each image has a title, date, location and keywords.

Technical Requirements

The Bulk Uploader will not work with Internet Explorer. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

There are no other technical requirements, but the speed of the upload will be affected by your computer power and the size of your upload. For more information, please see our Advice & tips sheet.

How to I get started?

Collect you images. Images must be:

  • JPG or PNG,
  • Under 10 MBs
  • Minimum 600px. You can upload any resolution you wish. To protect your images, our system will resize them to 600x400 px.


  • The smaller the file size, the faster your bulk upload will be.
  • Recommended file size 2.5MBs or less.


  1. Download our CSV template and the Instructions on how to complete it.
  2. Complete the CSV template with your meta-data.
  3. When you have everything ready, click "I'm ready to do a bulk upload" at the top of this page.

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