Historamic view over Resita downtown

Historical Panoramic view of Resita downtown from Golului hill.

The collection consists of 8 pictures taken during the past 115 years, earliest picture coming from 1898. They are taken from the same spot with slightly different reference camera location. The computational rephotography, that gives perfect reference camera location has not been invented until recently. It impresses on the fact that during all these years there was a "reference camera preferred location", with or without the knowledge of the specific photographers of each photo. Perhaps the hill from where the photo was taken, unconsciously called the photographers, due to that appealing spot on the hill that gives the best shot over the place.

Changes are about to come over the following years as things keep going on all directions, everywhere, every time. People shall choose the same spot in the future, to make pictures over the town, being a favorite place to take pictures with the city. People are attracted to that place by a huge blue logo visible from many places of the city.

Note: Historamic contracts two words: historical and panoramic.

Created by TudorTulok

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